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Almost 300 Catholic Churches in the U.S. Have Been Attacked Since May 2020

Hundreds of Roman Catholic churches have been attacked since the violence that erupted nationwide following George Floyd’s death in May 2020. The attacks against churches include arson, broken windows, decapitated statues, and satanic graffiti. A report from the Family Research Council released in December also found that church attacks spiked following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Catholic Churches Vandalized 2020-22




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Jordan, Latvia & Israel shake up Diplomatic Corps after investigation

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  • After receiving questions from journalists, governments announced the termination and reviews of honorary consuls tied to controversies or accused of wrongdoing.
  • The investigation had found last year at least 500 current and former honorary consuls who have been accused of crimes.

Jan. 18.– Three more countries have announced reviews of honorary consuls after an Shadow Diplomatsinvestigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and ProPublica revealed widespread wrongdoing by members of the little-known system of volunteer diplomats.

Jordan, Latvia, and Israel have either terminated the status of honorary consuls operating in their countries or ordered reviews of those currently serving.

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Biden's Unconstitutional Border Plan: The Funneling of Illegal Migrants into the US

Center for Immigration Studies (Logo) Washington, DC, Jan.16.– The Center for Immigration Studies has published multiple analyses of the Biden administration’s latest border “enforcement” plan. The plan, which contains little enforcement, includes minor changes to tactics, but no change to the Biden administration’s long-term open-border strategy. It does include a massive (and illegal) expansion of “parole” that will admit and give work permits to 30,000 aliens from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua every year.

■ Biden Releases Latest Plan to Funnel Illegal Migrants into the United States
Illegal immigrants jumping into the US■ Biden Proposes a Trump-Era
■ Reform to Deter Illegal Border Crossings – But This Time It’s Not Likely to Work
■ Biden tries to pull the old end run with his latest immigration plan
■ Biden’s Perversion of Parole Is a Constitutional Crisis in the Making

“The administration claims that this plan will allow aliens ‘to enter the United States lawfully through’ those ports of entry, but in reality “entering” without a visa through a port of entry is as ‘illegal’ as crossing the border without a visa between the ports of entry, regardless of whether you have an appointment to do so,” writes Andrew Arthur, the Center’s Fellow in Law and Policy.

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Florida Governor DeSantis Moves to Dissolve Disney’s ‘Corporate Kingdom’ & Bring It Under Florida Control

FL Gov. Ron DeSantisFL Governor Ron DeSantis Tallahassee, Jan.6.– A central Florida county on Friday issued a notice of its plans to seek legislation that would allow for dissolving Walt Disney World’s self-governing area to appoint a state-run board to manage the district while a spokesperson for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that “Disney will no longer control its own government” under the proposal.

“Notice is hereby given of intent to seek legislation before the Florida Legislature, during a regular, extended, or special session, of an act relating to the Reedy Creek Improvement District,” said a notice from Osceola County on Friday. Reedy Creek, established in the 1960s, is the name for Disney’s self-governing district and is located in Osceola and Orange counties and allowed Disney to control the land currently occupied by its massive theme park.

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Pope Benedict dies at 95 (1927-2022)

Eight years as Pope capped long ministry as teacher of faith. Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican City, Dec.31.– Retired Pope Benedict XVI, who had an impressive record as a teacher and defender of the basics of Catholic faith, is likely to go down in history books as the first pope in almost 600 years to resign.

He died on Dec. 31 at the age of 95, nearly 10 years after leaving the papacy to retire to what he said would be a life of prayer and study.

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