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Our Mission

WHO WE ARE (, founded in March 2003, is a nonprofit association organized under the laws of the State of Florida, USA, and registered under the institutional structure of the Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative, Inc. (PDCI) on November 2007. is a pluralist group of individuals engaged in the study, defense and promotion of democracy, working for the common good, respectful of a wide variety of opinions, promoting freedom and advocating human rights.

GOALS uses all media resources at its disposal to promote the purposes of the PDCI aiming to facilitate the creation of legal means which would allow the development of a more participatory, democratic, secure and prosperous global environment. pursues these goals by strengthening networks of institutions, associations and individuals from different nationalities collaborating in the promotion and support of democratic processes and human rights in countries under political repression.


  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences to foster collaboration among democratic forces around the world by establishing a proactive network of promoters of democracy and advocates for human rights.
  • To help forward the use of the latest information and communication technologies to interconnect the democratic forces inside and outside their respective nations and assist in breaking the information monopolies imposed by authoritarian regimes.
  • To encourage bilateral and multilateral relationships and the formation of online communities participating in both meetings and virtual conferences to promote an atmosphere of solidarity and cooperation to advance our mission.
  • To establish ties with advocates for human rights, national and international organizations and society groups promoting human rights, democracy and citizen engagement practices on issues of public interest.
  • To elaborate and spread ideas and formulations promoting ways and means to remove obstacles in the course of democratic development and to support victims of human right violations wherever these may happen.
  • To actively participate in national, regional and international forums and organizations to encourage and influence on common efforts to champion the cause of democracy anywhere democratic forces are harassed or suppressed.



  1. Important Definitions / Definiciones Importantes
  2. Declaration of Principles for a Participatory Democracy
  3. Un concepto Participativo de la Democracia
  4. Una 'fe' secular democrática
  5. Participatory Democracy in brief
  7. Edificando la Democracia Participativa
  8. Los siete pecados capitales del liderazgo
  9. Consulta popular en plebiscito
  10. Democracy as a participatory concept